Today’s Home and Leisure Products, Inc.Being a party-goer is easy: you show up, eat food, drink, have fun, and go home. Nice. But sometimes you need to return the favor, do your part and be a good guy. Sometimes, it’s gotta be your turn to host. We can help you design and lay out the perfect outdoor setting with weather proof audio and video devices for your outdoor relaxation!

Family entertainment has reached a whole new level with fewer boundaries than ever before! We offer weather proof HDTV’s and speakers that can be easily installed outdoor so that you can enjoy your music from anywhere on your property or watch that football game while you and your friends are grilling. All our outdoor audio systems can be integrated into your existing home-audio control or home automation system. Contact Today’s Home and Leisure Products, Inc. in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Our Services Include:

Our Specialties:

  • Rock and Planter Speakers
  • Weather Proof HDTV’s
  • Weatherproof Subwoofers
  • Outdoor WiFi extenders
  • Weather Proof Outdoor Cube, Wall and Ceiling Speakers
  • Weather Proof WiFi A/V Controls

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