Today’s Home and Leisure Products, Inc.Whole house audio / video refers to a centralized audio / video system that pipes music and video signals throughout the home. Because the system is centralized the only components present in each room are the speakers and TV screens. Control of the system is through a handheld remote, wall mounted controls, touch screens or smart phones and devices. The components can be hidden away in a closet or mounted in a rack system.

How about playing music from multiple sources and formats including radio, streaming music services, your iPhone, an external hard drive or computer through speakers in various rooms of your house or outside such as patio and pool areas. And don’t forget your backyard where we can place speakers and a weatherproof TV for all your outdoor parties and entertainment. Contact Today’s Home & Leisure Products, Inc. in Mechanicsburg, PA to design a system that will give you complete control over your entertainment needs.

Today’s Home and Leisure Products, Inc.
Today’s Home and Leisure Products, Inc.

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Our Specialties Include :

  • Controls
  • Speakers
  • Receivers
  • TVs
  • Equipment Racks

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